Reseller conduct rules

Code of conduct for resellers:

1. When you are a reseller of our products you're not allowed to engage other resellers of the same product in a way that could harm their name.

2. When dealing with a different reseller of our products be polite and act normal.

3. When you have a warranty issue with one of our products you simply tell us about it, mark the product with the word "warranty" including the codes and ship it back to us for a verification and validation of the warranty claim. A warranty unit will then be shipped to you with the next batch.

4. As a reseller of our products you are the first point of contact for the end-customer (your customer). If they have an issue you'll have to figure the issue out with them. If for some reason you are unable to help the end-customer we'll offer you our assistance to resolve the issue.

5. When you are our sales representative. We simply ask of you to be respectful to all and that if you have an issue with a reseller of our product or a customer that you present your problem/solution to us so that we can help you settle the matter (if that should be required).

6. When advertising our product on social media, we allow you to use your own marketing methods. However you're not allowed to discredit any with your advertisement. We simply want you to put your focus on the product and not name any other competitors or other resellers.

By reselling our product you as an reseller automatically agree to this code of conduct. Violations of this code, will be resolved with either a penalty or with termination of the cooperation between our companies.